43. The Tour de Yorkshire – a triumph in spite of technology, weather and Wiggo

What is it about cycling as a sport that you can thoroughly enjoy the event without the slightest interest in the outcome or appreciation of the skills involved or even understanding of the scoring process? Could you enjoy a football match unless you knew that the objective was to score a goal? And that the […]

41. Can you get a camper over Hardknott Pass?

At the beginning of the Hardknott Pass there is a sign saying it is ‘suitable for cars and light vehicles only’ ‘Unsuitable for all vehicles in winter conditions’. Apparently it is the ‘most outrageous road in Britain’ and Trip Advisor says just don’t go there in a car. I had set the sat nav for […]

33. Now that I’ve retired I don’t know how I ever found time to go to work

I used to hear this from recent retirees all the time but I usually took it with a pinch of salt – nobody wants to admit they have got time on their hands and don’t know how to fill it. That is until I retired from Kelloggs a month ago. Now I honestly wonder how […]

31. Can you go skiing in your campervan? (Yes you can).

I retired from Kelloggs at the end of 2015 and a friend of Joy’s made the remark that there was snow at Glencoe so, if I wanted to, I could go skiing. It was quite a significant remark because it was the first time that I was properly conscious of this strange new freedom I […]

29 Wharfedale revisited – a sentimental journey

Here’s a chicken or egg question. Do people with a pressing desire to travel get campervans or does owning a campervan make you think about getting away in it, and in fact lead you to making trips that otherwise you probably wouldn’t have considered?  If you like walking do you get a dog, or, if […]

26. Campervan Heaven or the Poor Relations?

  I used to go to Leeds Poly with a lad called John. He was probably the brightest student on the course and was also a staunch socialist. We were doing a post graduate course in Personnel Management, back in the days when the power and the glory was in the field of ‘Industrial Relations’. […]