39 Buying a VW camper? Read this first – three mistakes to avoid.

I lay claim to being the person most qualified to give advice to anyone about to buy an old VW camper. This is because I committed most of the cardinal errors in the process of buying mine, yet was lucky enough to end up with a half decent bus. As a result I have come to […]

37. The fifteen things you need to tell your kids when they want to borrow the camper

Both my kids borrow the Sick Bay from time to time. Adele was the first, to go to a weekend music festival at Port Merion and Johnny uses it to go off to the Peak District with his wife, Carolina. Being a keen footy fan, (albeit of City), he is also planning to take it […]

36. Am I too old for my campervan? Are old bays for old boys?

I am 63 years old, I have just retired and so finally I have got the freedom to wander the world in the Sick Bay. Our trips don’t have to be subject to the two week holiday strait jacket back in the day when I was a corporate wage slave. (To be honest I always […]

1. I never wanted a camper van in the first place…

I never wanted a camper van in the first place. It was my wife Joy who developed a hankering for one. I thought they looked scruffy and grubby and that camper van holidays were, to be honest, a bit boring. Something for other people, rather odd people at that, people who like caravans. Odd, because […]