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I recently bought a 1972 VW ambulance which I converted into a camper. These vans are referred to as ‘bays’ because the windscreen is like a bay window. It’s an ex-ambulance so it’s now called The Sick Bay (geddit?) This blog is all about what we and our dog do, and where we go, in this van. If you’ve just got a camper van, or if you are thinking about getting one, this blog is for you.

When I say ‘we’, I mean me, my wife Joy and Leo, our terrier type dog. Our kids, Adele and Johnny, also use the van with their partners, and I’ll be posting some of their jaunts too. Not forgetting our family jewels, Lenny and Ellis, our grandsons, both born in the last 3 years! Edit – and our very latest addition, Dotty, our granddaughter and another jewel!

Read it starting at Post 1 so it all makes sense.

vw campers across the country june 2013
Joy, me and the dog in a setting inspired by Saga Magazine. (No, literally – they did a feature on owning a campervan)

I really welcome any comments or feedback so don’t hold back!

And don’t forget, these historic vehicles are soaring in value – fix a tracker!


  1. Hi Joy and Bas,
    we are back in rainy old Germany.
    We had been picked up Jan and went to Ruoms in Ardeche.
    It was akso nice there. May be you also should visit it. Then we drove via one overnight stay in Metz at home.
    And today > WORK Grrrr.
    We want to say it was a pleasure to meet and drink with you!
    Thanks for sharing nice time togehter.
    We hope to see us again when possible. It would be nice if you can send me some picture of implemantation the Subaru , specially th water cooler and so on.
    Take care of you both and the nice Bulli (Bus) and thanks in advance.
    Look hearing from you next.
    Regarads Dirk & Dagmar

  2. Thanks for your comments Dirk. It was great to meet you and Dagmar in Cap d’Agde. I hope Dagmar’s finger is better now.

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